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Best Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are treated as something that should not be worn with sandals for some reason.

It doesn't look very good. But times have changed, and some people wear socks on sandals or

shoes because of the retro wind. On a fashion or girl group stage, you'll find occasional matches

of socks with the right patterns and materials to the right shoes. But it's pretty when the proper

coordination is supported, not the combination of uncle sandals plus socks. If celebrities go out to

the airport wearing like that, they will be called a fashion terrorist.

Women's ankle Socks

It is structurally impossible to mix-match with thongs. maybe if it was a toe socks... ^^

In Korea, white or grey, literally, bare-foot socks were the mainstream, but in 2014, as men's wear

was becoming more classic, the Nordic between neat pants and shoes, the tendency to give points with

patterns or unique coloured socks is popular. It's a long-standing fashion in the West, but it's unfamiliar

to young Koreans.

Socks in Thongs

If the patterns and colours are different, it is painful to store them. It's also subtle to wear socks

that are different in colour, and it will make you drop your face for a while if you're caught by someone else. But while,thanks to some brave people, they come out wearing different socks on both feet.

In the case of toe socks, it is impossible to wear them left and right because of the difference in

size between the toes. Thanks to the necessity to distinguish between the left and right must be distinguished.

Men's Ankle Socks and Women's Ankle Socks from, haven't got much fancy or bright coloured ankle socks, it is said fashion changes all the time, but simple plain socks are always be with the fashion trending those days. Everyone always need something UNIQUE.

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